My name is Alex Forino and I am a certified fitness trainer and a nutrition coach.
I am half-Italian and half-Persian, currently living in Tehran. I started my fitness journey at the age of 19 with one goal in mind and that was to improve my physique. At that time, I did not have much knowledge in this field but I put all my effort into it every single day, with all the equipment I owned being a 5 kg dumbbell and a TRX band.
After one year of working out with much trial and error, I achieved good results but It was not what I had expected. After all the hard work I put in, I was fatigued and stressed out. So in 2016, I started to attend seminars on fitness and nutrition. I also read even more articles so I could learn how to improve my level of expertise.

I remember reading 5 to 6 hours every day so I could learn everything there was about enhancing the physical abilities of the human body after all, it was my passion.

In 2017, I started training 3 of my friends and after only 3 months, they were so happy with the results that they introduced me to 2 of their friends. That was my call to go and get certified so I could start to work more professionally.

In 2018, I received my personal trainer certification from the Iran Sport for All Federation. Then, I got two specializations in Functional Training, through which I learned in-depth information on anatomy, kinesiology and biomechanics. I also passed Physique and Figure Training from the
National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association which taught me a lot about advanced training and dieting strategies for losing fat and achieving the best aesthetic results. Even so, I knew this was just the beginning of a substantial career.

It was then that I promised myself to keep upgrading my knowledge so I could coach the best methods to help the general population like you to feel, move, and perform better in your daily life”

Just after one year, I decided to hone my skills, so I got my verified fitness trainer certification and one year later (in 2020) I got my Professional Nutrition Coach certification from the International Sports Sciences Association, which changed everything from the way I looked at fitness and nutrition to how I trained my clients.

Considering all the latest fitness trends, I know that people still have the “no pain no gain” mindset, but unfortunately, this kind of thinking only leads them to getting injured and feeling burned out. Trust me! I have many clients who come to me with back and knee pain due to a prior aggressive training and their lack of mobility so I could help them rebuild their foundation and teach them how to start training SMART. I have been there myself many times in the first years of training and it is definitely not worth it to go your own way when you can ask for professional help.

As a personal fitness trainer and nutrition coach my mission is to help people like you train smart; build your strength, mobility, and energy systems so you can benefit from fitness in the long run; and learn how to eat nutritious foods in order to recover faster, improve energy levels and train better to achieve your goals in the fastest and safest way.



alex's method

Training Smart is my motto.
I will coach you to master your Nutrition, Training, and Recovery
to build a strong, lean, mobile, and functional body.


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