Nutrition Habits For Better Health

Nutrition is a big topic and people search everywhere for the best diet and nutrition habits to meet their health and fitness goals, but due to the vast amount of information on social media, different journals, and websites, it may get a little confusing. But trust me! It is not. 

As a nutrition coach, I always get asked which nutrition trend is better? Should I follow a ketogenic diet? Or start intermittent fasting? Go vegan or paleo? Try the Zone Diet or maybe just do a detox diet? The list goes on and on. 

However, the answer to these questions is simple: all of these diets are good and all of them are bad. It all depends on you and your body and habits!


You see, we as human beings are unique. We all have different genetics, body types and compositions, fitness levels, age, and we come from different places all across the world. Besides this, we have different jobs, timings, budgets, goals and many other factors that will set us apart from others, but it is important to know that our bodies are smart and can adapt to different eating patterns easily. 


What all these nutrition trends have in common is:

  1. They all focus on eating more nutrient-dense foods and less processed ones.
  2. When people start a nutrition program in their mind, they automatically start to eat better.
  3. They all cause you to control your food intake and hunger.
  4. You will automatically start caring more about your health when starting a diet. 


So, this means the only answer to what food camp you should fall into is to try them out, and see which one fits you best, or you can simply focus on good nutrition and learning the basics of it first and then, if you are still not satisfied with the results, start trying new things like intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and so on. 

As a coach, many clients who come to me think their nutrition is good, but when I ask them the famous question “how’s that going for you?”, the answer I always get wakes them up, and that is when we, as a team, start building their nutrition habits to reach their goals more easily and faster. 


Identifying your nutrition imbalances:

Now, what I want you to do is to write down a 3-day nutrition journal and see what you are eating every single day, I promise most of you will see some nutrition imbalances in the following areas:

  1. Your daily water intake is less than 8 glasses.
  2. Your protein intake is low (mostly in the case of females, very low).
  3. Most of the fat you get is saturated fats.
  4. You are not eating enough vegetables and fruits.
  5. You eat way more carbohydrates than your body needs.
  6. You eat more processed food than you think.


Tips to improve your nutrition habits:

 If you even have one of these nutrition imbalances, here is how you can improve them:

  1. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. 
  2. If you are a male, eat 2 protein servings the size of your palm with every meal. If you are a female, eat 1 protein serving the size of your palm with every meal.
  3. Take more essential fats during the day, including egg yolks, fatty fish, avocado, nuts, flaxseed, etc. 
  4. Add 1 to 2 fist-size servings of vegetables with every meal and make sure to include vegetables of all colors.
  5. Try to not eat processed food and limit your carb intake to 3 to 6 servings per day depending on your body size and diet goals. 


This is it. I hope you guys enjoyed this blog. Leave a comment or contact me if you have any further questions on nutrition and I will be more than happy to help!

You can click here for a video version if this blog.




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