My name is Alex Forino and I am a certified fitness trainer and a nutrition coach.
I am half-Italian and half-Persian, currently living in Tehran. I started my fitness journey at the age of 19 with one goal in mind and that was to improve my physique. At that time, I did not have much knowledge in this field but I put all my effort into it every single day, with all the equipment I owned being a 5 kg dumbbell and a TRX band.
After one year of working out with much trial and error, I achieved good results but It was not what I had expected. After all the hard work I put in, I was fatigued and stressed out. So in 2016, I started to attend seminars on fitness and nutrition. I also read even more articles so I could learn how to improve my level of expertise.


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What Clients Say?

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As a person who was training before and was suffering from lower back pain, it was not easy to start with Alex's heavy program but after only two sessions training, my back pain was gone and I was feeling great again. He thought me how to stand, how to walk, and how to sit, he improved my style completely. Frankly speaking, he is the more professional coach I had in my life, I feel secure with Alex. At the same time, I started nutrition with him, for the beginning, it was very difficult since he was totally teaching a different way of dieting and it was not familiar to me... step by step I got used to his diet and it became a part of my lifestyle and I love it.

Mahnaz H.
Export sales director

I am very happy with the work done with you. You are a very professional PT. The thing I like most is your availability. I have never felt abandoned, in my doubts and I have always found in you an excellent shoulder for training. I am very happy to have met you and I respect you very much for all the work you do. I am sure that I will continue to follow you for a long, long time!Thanks Alex!!!

Luigi B.

Alex is a wonderful coach, serious, friendly, knowledgeable, up to date, and dynamic. I started to work out 3 years ago with him having neck, shoulder and waist pain. After 2 years my pains disappeared. Now I feel that my strength, flexibility, and resistance are really improved. In one sentence, I am so happy to work out with him and I look forward to every session.

Parisa P.
Bazaarnegar marketing research consultant
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I started training with coach Alex about 3 months ago. I can see that I am stronger, healthier and in a better shape after such a short period of time! He is very professional and really cares about his clients’ health. During our sessions, he watches me carefully to make sure I am doing everything right. He also gives me a lot of tips and motivates me to live a good life style too. Thanks to coach Alex I am looking forward to achieve my goals and get even stronger

Niloofar M.
Fashion Designer
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I have never gotten 100% of the results that I have wanted on my own so I decided to start working with Alex and had a personal made combination of both nutrition and work out plans. We never faced any difficulties during the online coaching because of the detailed programs he prepared and the professional support. Getting closer to the destination is always satisfying but being comfortable and enjoying the path is the key point which leads to a healthy lifestyle . The work out programs are interesting and diverse meanwhile the focus is all the way set on the target we decided on day one and this approach is what makes the results become visible shortly. The time you want the map is before you enter the woods, as we all know. So better decide and get a map of your own rather than struggling on how to start and never taking an actual step. Always a pleasure working with such a passionate and knowledgeable personal trainer.

Negar V.
Forex Broker
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Training Smart is my motto.
I will coach you to master your Nutrition, Training, and Recovery
to build a strong, lean, mobile, and functional body.


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